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Warriors Shine in Season Opener at Victory Field

After waiting all of December, January, February and most of March, the indoor track season finally saw its first meet on Saturday and the warriors got their season off on a high note against Watertown. The meet saw several newcomers as well as returning vets lead the way to their first win of the young outdoors indoor track season. Today we will take a look at each event as well as looking ahead to our next opponent, Wilmington.

Let’s start with the track events. Starting with the mile, Maggie Ritchie led the sweep running 5:57, followed by Alexa Yianacopolus at 6:17 and Emma Partyka at 6:32. For the boys, Mike Roberto led the charge running 4:54, then Ajay Haridasse at 4:57 and David Schurter at 5:23. The girls also swept the 1000, led by Sammy Seabury at 3:23, Caroline Roberts at 3:30 and Maggie Leone at 3:33. On the other side, Ben Stratton took home the win in 2:48, followed by Guy Jacob in second at 2:55 and James Christie in fourth at 3:06.

In the 600, Elina Olmedo finished first in 1:49, Caileigh Sweeney third in 1:52 and Christina Covelle in 2:02. A sweep for the boys saw Zack Jellison win in 1:31, followed by Andrew Roos at 1:37 and Will Riley at 1:38. In the 300, Fiona Recene took the win in 45.9, followed by Ania Jacob in third at 49.9 and Gabriella Minasian at 53.5. To the boys side, Bradley Diaz ran away with a 37.3, along with Alejandro Borda at 44.4 and Bryce Dunlap at 47.2. Finally, the 2 mile saw a sweep on both sides with Nicole Calandra winning for the girls in 13:51 followed by Angelina Nardone at 14:16. The boys saw Thomas Dowd win in 10:29, along with Jonathan D’Ambrosio at 10:39 and Colin Rudy at 11:16.

Now onto the field events. In the hurdles, Josh Catino finished first in 9.7 as the lone representative for the boys. As the lone representative for the girls, Miranda Macaluso finished third. Next was the 55m dash, where Jade Roycroft won in 7.6 followed by Humu and Hawa Sheriff at 8.0. The boys dash saw Mardin Minasian win in 7.4, next to Ryan Tracy and Alejandro Borda at 7.5. In the long jump, Jade Roycroft finished first with 13’8”, followed by Hawa Sheriff in second with 11’7”. Rounding out the girls long jump was Fiona Recene at 10’2”, Humu Sheriff 9’11” and Kathryn Scollo at 7’6”. For the boys, Josh Catino scored in second at 15’2”. The rest of the boys included Diego Winsor at 13’8”, Mardin Minasian 13’1”, Bryce Dunlap 11’2”, and Alejandro Borda at 10’5”. In high jump, Ryan Tracy cleared 5’5” as the lone scorer for the warriors. Lastly, in the shot put, Bailey McDevitt led a sweep for the girls with 26’8.5”, along with Lauren Mangarelli’s 25’5”, Jaclyn Woish’s 25’0.25” and Lily Cullen’s 20’8”. For the boys, Logan Cosgrove won with 45’8” and Jason Hubbard closed out the scoring with 26’10”. The rest of the lineup included Robert Hagopian at 25’8” and Vishal Punj at 22’0.5”.

To close out the meet, we had the relay teams on the track, starting with the 4x200m team. For the girls, Jade Roycroft, Fiona Recene, Hawa and Humu Sheriff combined to run 2:00.6 and the boys’ Ryan Tracy, Diego Winsor, Mardin Minasian and Bradley Diaz combined to run a 1:--. In the 4x400, Elina Olmedo, Maggie Ritchie, Ania Jacob and Sammy Seabury ran a 4:49 and on the other side, Zack Jellison, Joe Patt, Will Riley and Andrew Roos ran a 4:02.

This week, the warriors will have a bigger task at hand as they prepare to host the Wilmington Wildcats. When these two teams met last season, they went down to the wire, letting the relays decide the outcome, ultimately leading to Wakefield pulling out the win. This year we should expect nothing different as Wilmington will come with everything they have. They may have lost some talented seniors, but they are still capable of winning close meets. Hosting Wilmington is the beginning of a tough stretch for the Warriors as they also host Burlington the following weekend, their biggest competition. It will be close so stay tuned for the results! As always, it’s a great day to be a warrior!


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